Acrylic Canvas Painting of Nina Maguire and New York Celebration From Left to Right

About Nina Maguire

"Experiencing a painting by Nina Maguire is like catching the scent of a once-familiar perfume- evoking memory, filling the viewer with a sense of nostalgia, of a time and place lost but not forgotten..."

My Art

As an artist, I'm known for the intimacy, magic, and muted palette found in my acrylic paintings. I strive to imbue my canvases with atmosphere, sentiment, and warmth by focusing on subjects that have personal value to me. Much of my work shows New York City under a veil of fog or snow, obscuring details and creating a pervasive mood. In my work, the time period is irrelevant; it could be 1940 or 2019.

By applying many glazes and layers of paint, I can achieve a richness and luminosity typically associated with oil paint. I also continuously explore new surface textures for paintings—such as sekishu rice paper mounted on canvas—to create a more tactile experience for the viewer.


B.A. College of New Rochelle
Studied with Ernest Thorne Thompson, AWS